UKMT Senior Challenge Nov 2016

20th December 2016

Another brilliant set of results from our sixth form mathematicians who were joined by some very promising year 11, 10 and even a year 8 student for an hour of serious mathematical problem solving.

Overall, there were 9 gold, 15 silver and 26 bronze certificates with Amy Clayton achieving the Best in School certificate. 

Seven students were invited to take part in the follow on Kangaroo round (Chris Norwood, Sam Nicholson and Jamie Baker from year 13,  James White, Hal Mutton and Harrison Mogg-Walls from year 12 and Kazki Fairman from year 10)

Amy Clayton (year 13) and Joshua Attwell (year 12) have reached such excellent scores in the individual challenge that they were invited to sit the British Mathematical Olympiad-round 1. This is a truly challenging 3.5hour paper where extended and detailed answers are expected and we are hoping they will get through to round 2.

To sample one of the questions they had to solve, have a go at this one:

Consecutive positive integers m, m+1, m+2 and m+3 are divisible by consecutive odd positivei ntegers n, n+2, n+4 and n+6 respectively. Determine the smallest possible m in terms of n.

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