Year 10 Tate Modern Visit

20th October 2016

Year 10 art students visited Tate modern to give them first hand experience of Modern and Contemporary art at the start of their GCSE course.

Students enjoyed viewing the huge variety of approaches to art from Picasso's Cubist paintings to Marcel Duchamp's Urinal.  It was exciting to see the new extension to the gallery for both the dynamic work exhibited and the impressiveness of the building itself and the spectacular views seen from the top.

Students were inspired in many different ways. Monet's water lilies for example made a big impression on many of the students where as others were more interested in the bold photography of Barbara Kruger.   One of the most impressive pieces in the gallery was the giant "Anywhen" installation in the main turbine hall by Philippe Parreno.  All students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and are inspired to create their own exciting artwork back at school.

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