MakeIT awards

8th July 2014

This year CCGS had eight students from three different year groups selected as National Finalists in the MakeIT! furniture and Make IT! wood competitions hosted by ‘Proskills’. James Fitchett won the year 12 category. Daniel Cornwall won an award for creative use of materials. We also had 2 runners up in year 12, 3 in year 10, and 1 in year 13. We were by far the biggest school there. CCGS students continue to put a fantastic amount of effort into this program and we continue to reap the rewards. Well done to all of them. Our commitment to the competition has also led to staff recognition in the form of the MakeIT ‘Teacher of the Year Award’.

Our successful finalists and award winners were this year…

  • James Fitchett
  • Senura Ratiyala
  • Isaac O’connor
  • Daniel Cornwall
  • Stan Chick
  • Talya Amores
  • Enzo Avery
  • Andrew Waller

Our previous award winners Alina Baumane, Charlie Cawdron, Charles Oyediran, Thomas Gavriel, and Jodie Wonford have used success in this competition to as a unique selling point in university interviews. Notably Alina who is now studying Archeticture in Denmark and Thomas is aspiring to study at Goldsmith University.

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