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29/6/18 - Year 12 Computer Science STEAM workshop 27-28 June

Year 12 Computer Science students recently participated in the Genetic Moo workshop event held at Margate's Dreamland

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19/4/18 - Google Visit for Computer Scientists

On the 16th April, the Computer Science Department took their year 12 students to Google HQ in London

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21/8/18 - Computer Science trip to New York 2018

A spectacular trip to New York for our lucky group of year 11 and 12's

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20/2/18 - Computer Science Cup Winners 2018

Congratulations to Kareshram Mohanaram and Max Parpworth who won the Computer Science Cup for Mann-Somerville.

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8/1/18 - Computer Science students participate in Dreamland event

Students recently participated in a teacher training event held at Margate's Dreamland

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4/12/17 - Lunchtime open access for Key Stage 3 students

6th form computer scientists have been busy at lunchtimes managing computer room access for Key Stage 3 students.

Rooms are available Monday to Thursday each lunchtime in FF5 for the purposes of work related activities. What has been really impressive is the way in which our sixth formers are on hand being helpful and supportive in assisting our younger students with work, and in the relationships which are built between the two generations of students.


27/2/17 - Computer Science Cup Winners

Congratulations to Lily Brim, Lottie Holmes, Anna Baker and Lee Burton who won the Computer Science Cup for Knight Heath.

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31/1/17 - Safer Internet Day 2017

Safer Internet Day 2017 will take place on Tuesday 7th February with the theme 'Be the change: unite for a better internet'

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29/4/16 - Computer Science Celebration Day

Year 11, 12 and 13 students participated in Computer Science Celebration day, where a buffet was held for all students to celebrate their success in their coursework and improvements in examination practice

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17/3/16 - National Computing Competition

Alice Wilkening won second prize in a National Computing Competition. The Ada Lovelace Competition was organised by the National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) to celebrate Ada Lovelace's 200th birthday and to encourage teenage girls with an interest in computing.

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16/3/16 - Social Media Information Evening for Parents

This was our first information evening for parents, which was held on 15th March and dealt with the issues surrounding the increasing use of social media by teenagers.

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21/2/16 - Computer Science Trip to New York, New York

Current year 11 and 12's were stunned with the sights and sounds of 'the city so nice they named it twice!'

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5/2/16 - Year 9 Computer Science Week Poster Competition

During week 2 of this term as part of computer science week year 9 students were asked to produce a poster of a new mobile phone app that had a social/environmental aspect to it.

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1/12/15 - Computer Club for Girls

We have launched a Computer Clubs for Girls (CC4G) which has been specifically designed to enable girls to engage in IT and Computer Science.

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1/12/15 - Greenfoot Computer Game Coding Club

Next Tuesday lunchtime (8th December) sees the launch of the Greenfoot Computer Game Coding Club in FF5

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7/10/15 - Guiness Book of Records SUCCESS!!!!

The Guinness Book of Records attempt for the Worlds Largest Mobile Phone Party, was held on the 23rd September on the Astroturf on the Chatham House site.

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10/7/15 - Holiday Extras talk to Computer Science students at the Career Fair

Three senior architects from HX attended the year 10 careers fair. Students were provided with a range of information about their roles and what it is like to work in a fast moving and constantly changing industry.

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19/3/15 - GCSE Computer Science Celebration

In recognition of the hard work and dedication in completing their programming assessments, the computer scientists in year 11, were treated to a small celebration.

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