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Latest Maths News

Maths in Action Reported by Kazki Fairman (year13) On Friday February 28, we departed the Chatham site at 0700 for a trip to the Emmanuel Center in Central London for an excellent "Maths in Action" day.  The day was filled with several inspiring and fascinating lectures about mathematics, ranging from how song lyrics include bad maths, to how statistical analysis can aid cyber security from hackers and their malware. My favourite lecture was by Colin Wright, who demonstrated how patterns do not always continue as expected, and demonstrated how juggling patterns can be very mathematical. He was also a GLORIOUSLY TALENTED juggler! Overall the day was money well spent and it definitely offered all of us in the Year 13 Further Mathematics class (+ Brennan), an inspiring view in how mathematics is pretty much everywhere in everything we do, instead of simply the classroom. I would highly recommend these sorts of events for Mathematics, but also for other subject departments where it can be intriguing for students as well.

Italian Maths Olympiad at CCGS

We had a request from a scientific Lyceum in Turin  (Liceo Scientifico Filippo Juvarra) for one of their best mathematicians to sit his Maths Olympiad with us at CCGS. Edoardo is on his school's one week language trip at one of the Ramsgate English Schools and would hate to miss his regional round. Of course we said yes, we would always help out a fellow mathematician. Edoardo sat his 3 hour paper with us during half term, our lovely caretaker Tony even turned the heating up for him. We hope to find out whether he made it to the national level of the competition. Good luck Edoardo! Buon lavoro! 




British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 December 2019

Lydia Nottingham (year 11) and Tom Ansell (year 13) qualified for the British Olympiad Round 1. They had to sit a 3.5 hour mathematical paper consisting of 6 demanding questions. Full written solutions were expected. They both did brilliantly. Lydia achieved a merit and Tom scored a distinction. What an achievement for both of them. Well done!

This is one of the questions from the competition. Have a go! Of course both Lydia and Tom got full marks on this question!

Two circles S1 and S2 are tangent at P. A common tangent, not through P, touches S1 at A and S2 at B. Points C and D, on S1 and S2 respectively, are outside the triangle APB and are such that P is on the line CD. Prove that AC is perpendicular to BD.

Senior Maths Olympiad 2019

Senior Kangaroo 2019

Kazki Fairman, William Burgess, Katrina Booth, Jonah Worledge, Jonathan Hurford and Tim Attwell from year 13 and Divya Agrawal and Noah Dodson from year 12 qualified for this year's Senior Kangaroo. This is a demanding test full of challenging maths problem solving. 

Divya and Kazki achieved an impressive merit in this competition!

Well done to all of our brilliant mathematicians! We are proud of you!

Senior Kangaroo2019

Year 13 Kangaroo mathematicians


Senior Maths Challenge November 2019

What an excellent set of results for this year's Senior UKMT maths challenge! There were 10 gold, 15 silver and 12 bronze certificates. Well done to everyone taking part!

There were 8 students who qualified for the next round (Senior Kangaroo) and 2 students who made it to the demanding British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1. 

The following students achieved a certificate. 

Gold certificates:

year 13:Tom Ansell, Kazki Fairman, William Burgess, Katrina Booth, Jonah Worledge, Jonathan Hurford, Tim Attwell

year 12 :Divya Agrawal, Noah Dodson

year 11: Lydia Nottingham

Silver Certificates: 

year 13: Joshua Bentley, Lucy Manning, Rosie Axon, Elena Dalecki, Jack Lamport, Umar Huzure, Aniq Ismat

Year 12: Pawel Lisowski, Leon Munt, Brady Smith, Ewan MacPhee, Freddie Askew, Tom Piggott, Giotto McCourt-Welsh, Sophia Pegden

Bronze Certificates:

year 13 George Pittock

year 12: Sean Pointon, Toby Saunders, Abbie Kennedy, Alfred Manvilee, Jack Cave, Rhys Gullick, Jack Barton, Abdullah Hashmi, Melissa Palmer, Nicole McCorry,Michael Adekoya


Mathematical Olympiad for Girls 2019

Divya Agrawal (year 12) and Lydia Nottingham (year 11) took part in this year's Mathematical Olympiad for Girls. Over 1400 girls nationwide participated, with top 25% receiving a Certficate of Distinction. The Mathematical Olympiad for Girls is an event run by the UK Mathematical Trust, introduced in 2011, to help schools nurture the talents of enthusiastic young female mathematicians. It is aimed at girls in year 13 and below. 
Lydia achieved a certificate of Distinction and Divya a certificate of participation, well done girls! 
This was one of the questions on the paper. What would you score on it?
Let n be a positive integer. Tracy writes a list of 10 whole numbers between 1 and n (inclusive). Each number in the list is either equal to, one less than, or one more than the number before it. For example, when n = 7: Her list could be 5, 5, 6, 7, 6, 6, 5, 5, 6, 6 or 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. Her list could not be 1, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7, 7, 7 or 5, 6, 7, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5.
(a) Suppose that n = 3. Stacey forms a list by copying Tracy’s list, except that whenever Tracy writes a 1, Stacey writes a 3, and whenever Tracy writes a 3, Stacey writes a 1.
(i) Which lists could Tracy write that would cause her list to be the same as Stacey’s?
(ii) Explain why Tracy can write as many lists that start 2, 2, 1 as start 2, 2, 3. (3 marks)
(b) For which n between 1 and 10 (inclusive) is the number of lists that Tracy could write odd? (7 marks)
Girls olympiad2018
Lydia with her certificate (and for some reason rotated)

Year 12 Further Maths students learn through rap

Our fantastic year 12 mathematicians having fun rapping to Proof by induction in further maths

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Year 8 Code Cracking Day-July 2019- girls

Our year 8 girls took part in the code cracking day during our activities week. They competed in groups of four against the clock in a variety of tasks. They had to complete several rounds of mathematical relay, crack a substitution cipher, pig pen cipher, Caesar shift and Viginere codes. They also learned how credit cards have an installed error correcting calculation and how ISBN codes work.The girls enjoyed watching the film Hidden figures and worked hard at a cross-number puzzle. 

Some quotes from our students from the day include:

We really enjoyed the film, which was inspiring and  the maths relay was fun.

Today was better than we thought it would be, I really enjoyed the activity where we had to run with the answers in the gym.

Maths relay was fun and I loved working as a team, it was different experience to just usual maths lessons and it was fun.  

The movie was amazing and the games were fun. We worked well as a team!

I found all of the activities really fun and the film was awsome. I can't think of any ways to improve it. 


Well done to all who took part and worked hard today and especially to the three winning teams.

1st place: Kirsty Burgess, Sophia Gooding, Beatrise Freiberga, Tilly Crimmins

2nd place: Talia Boughton, Eve Burkitt, Molly Pullen, Lilly Howse

3rd place: Audrey Benjamin, Ruby Saunders, Olivia Spratling, Emiliy Ogilvie


Year 8 Code Cracking Day July 2019- boys

All of our year 8 boys have taken part in a fast-paced code cracking day during our activities week. They had to solve ciphers using a variety of techniques from substitution with frequency analysis, Caesar shift cipher, Pig pen code  to Vigenere cipher. Students competed in teams of four, learned about error correcting codes for ISBN and bank card numbers and raced against time to complete a bonus crossnumber challenge too. We also enjoyed watching the inspiring film Hidden figures which is packed full of the importance maths played in the space race.

The three winning teams received a tasty prize.

1st place: Toby Prior, Matthew Green, Marley Barham, Rakshyen Mohanram

2nd place: Pete Ni, Luke Gore, Ben Macaulay, Jed Mullin

3rd place: Luke Tyler, Noah Shakeshaft, Josh Jackson, Charlie Miles

Well done to all those taking part and a huge thank you to maths staff for organising and running the day. 



UKMT follow on Kangaroo Round April 2019

Our excellent mathematicians in year 9 and 11 who progressed to the follow on round based on their intermediate UKMT challenge score, sat their KANGAROO test

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UKMT Intermediate Challenge - March 2019

What a year for our mathematicians in years 9, 10 and 11!

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MyMaths Homework Raffle

Another term draws to a close and the Maths Dept will be holding their KS3 Raffles

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Alan Turing Cryptography Update

he Alan Turing Cryptography competition has gone very well this year. We have several teams that are still working on the increasingly difficult clues

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UKMT Junior Maths Challenge

Tuesday 12th March saw a team of 4 mathematicians travelling to The Ashford School to represent CCGS in the UKMT Junior Maths Team Challenge

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National Maths Competitions

We currently have 2 sixth form teams competing in the University of Manchester Maths Bombe and and 5 teams competing in the Alan Turing Cryptography competition

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Senior team maths challenge 2018 - Regional finals

Our sixth form team represented the school at Senior team maths challenge at The Langton in Canterbury

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Year 8 Activities week- Maths challenge day

Year 8 were treated to a day full of mathematical activities and competitions. There were 5 rounds: group round, crossnumber, mini-relay, big relay and paper pi chains. We had several winning teams for each round and overall winners as well. Each team worked with a mathematician from our sixthform who checked their work, supported them and cheered them on.

The day got really competitive with teams running for full 40 minutes during the big relay round and tensions running high during the time pressured mini-relay. Paper chains round was a popular round where practical skills and ability to work as a team were even more important than maths skills.

The overall winners were

year 8 boys teams:

3rd We cannot count to 3!:)

2nd: All ogre now!

1st: Die vier bratwurst

year 8 girls teams:

3rd: Sadd05

2nd: Jagel Bagel

1st: The Prime team

A selection of lovely quotes from the day:

I loved maths day! I went into school not looking forward to maths but ended up loving it. I especially liked making paper pi chains! (Ollie)

This was a really fun and interesting day and I learnt a lot. Everybody participated and everyone was smiling. The sixthformers were very helpful and the pi chains were really fun! (Evie)

Today was really good and better than I thought. I enjoyed the relay. Well done to the maths department and thanks to the sixthformers. (Tom)

I enjoyed the day more than I expected, I really enjoyed the bigger relay just because of how intense it was.  (Lennon)

I particularly enjoyed the relay race but I had a really good day, the teachers turned a subject I don't really enjoy into a fun action-packed day. Thank you teachers. (Sienna)

I think that to involve the sixthformers was a really good idea and that ours was really nic. I think that the day was really good. Esther was a really good sixthformer and she was confident in us all day.

Some photos from the day in no particular order:









Kangaroo success -April 2018

Kazki Fairman, Tim Attwell and William Burgess (yr11) all achieved a merit in the UKMT follow on round for the intermediate challenge, Kangaroo Olympiad. Only 25% of those who managed to progress to the follow on round are rewarded with the merit. Kazki scored the highest with an impressive 118 out of possible 135!  Well done!


Top Marks in Maths Olympiad- April 2018

Lydia Nottingham (yr 9) achieved her ambition when she scored flawless 60 out of possible 60 marks on the UKMT follow on round called Cayley Olympiad. She had 2 hours to answer 6 questions and had to produce a well-reasoned, logical argument showing the correct solution for each. By scoring top marks Lydia has placed herself in the top 50 students in year 9 nationally. She will receive a medal and a book prize. Well done Lydia!


Maths In Motion Awards and Hope for Global Challenge Success

The annual Maths in Motion club awards took place on 20th March with prizes being presented by Head of Maths, Mrs Sonnen

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UKMT Team Maths Challenge

On Tuesday 3rd February, four of us (Rohit and Lydia from Year Nine; Margaret and George from Year Eight) attended the regional final for the Team Mathematics Challenge

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Year 10 MATHS FEAST 3.14.1(8)

Hunger was sated on Pi Day at the Spitfire Cricket Ground in Canterbury where the annual Maths Feast took place

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UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge February 2018

A record year for our Intermediate challenge results, with 14 gold, 25 silver and 19 bronze certificates! We are very proud of the students who achieved such high scores in this challenging maths competition.

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Year 10 Maths/MFL Visit to Paris

Students enjoyed a three night stay at the Disneyland resort including a full day in Paris

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British Mathematical Olympiad (round1)

Hal Mutton and Joshua Attwell took the 3.5 hour paper and achieved impressive scores of  27 and 39 respectively.

Hal got a certificate of qualification and Joshua a certificate of distinction. Well done to both of you! What a fine way to finish your UKMT and BMO careers spanning seven years!


UKMT Senior challenge

We have had another brilliant year in the UKMT senior challenge with 90 students (mostly sixthformers) taking part. There were 4 gold, 17 silver and 20 bronze certificates, with 5 students being selected for follow on rounds.

Kazki Fairman (yr 11), Shivay Sachdeva (yr13) and James White (yr13) made it to the follow on Kangaroo round, an even more challenging one hour competition.

Hal Mutton and Joshua Attwell (yr 13) were selected for the British Olympiad paper, which is 3.5hours of demanding mathematics.  




Maths Bowling Data Collection

The Maths department  took the whole of year seven to Bugsy's for our annual data collecting lesson.

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Royal Institution Celebration event

Following the Royal Institution Mathematics masterclasses that took place at the University of Kent in the Spring term, some CCGS Year 9 students welcomed the opportunity to attend a RI celebration event

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Junior UKMT Maths Challenge

This year 80 of our best mathematicians, in years 7 and 8, took part in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge

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UKMT Junior Challenge

This term we entered 80 of our best year 8 and 9 mathematicians into the UKMT junior challenge.

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UKMT Intermediate Kangaroo

The following students succeeded in progressing to the next round of UKMT intermediate challenge. This is a national competition for the most talented mathematicians aimed at those in year 10 and 11.

Year 11 Sam Dynes

Year 10 Callum Musselwhite

Year 9 Harrison Leach, William Parkinson and Leon Munt, Ashwin Ganesaratnam

Year 8 Lydia Nottingham

Leon Munt achieved a Merit in this follow on round, well done! All other students received a certificate of Qualification.



UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad.

Kazki Fairman qualified for this challenging round of the competition where he had to sit a 2 hour written paper with 6 difficult questions. He scored a merit, well done!


UKMT Junior Team Challenge

On Tuesday 21st March a group of four mathematicians from years 8 and 9 travelled to Ashford School to take part in the UKMT Junior team challenge

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Intermediate UKMT challenge 2017

Another successful round of this challenging national competition with brilliant results from our students in years 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Altogether there were 7 gold, 14 silver and 31 bronze certificates, with 8 students progressing to the next rounds.

Well done to Kazki Fairman in year 10 who achieved the highest score and 'best in school' certificate. Lydia Nottingham in year 8 was our second highest (and also the youngest) mathematician. She was closely followed by Sam Dynes (yr11) and Ashwin Ganesaratnam (yr9). Well done to all who took part.

Gold certificates: Kazki Fairman, Callum Musselwhite, Lydia Nottingham, Sam Dynes, Ashwin Ganesartnam, Leon Munt and William Parkinson.

UKMT Int 2017

Year 10 students with their certificates



Maths Trip to Disney 2017

This year our 7th trip to Disneyland Paris involved 116 students and 12 staff.

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Alan Turing Cryptography

The Alan Turing Cryptography competition started this term and we currently have 4 teams of students from years 8 through to 10 taking part.

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Maths STEM Day

On Thursday 26th January we were lucky enough to have STEM ambassadors from Canterbury Christchurch University in school.

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Maths Masterclasses

Saturday 21st January saw the first of the 2017 Masterclasses at the University of Kent

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UKMT Senior Team Challenge

December 7th saw a team of 4 6th formers brave the cold and travel to Canterbury for the UKMT senior team challenge.

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UKMT Senior challenge Nov 2016

Another brilliant set of results from our sixth form mathematicians who were joined by some very promising year 11, 10 and even a year 8 student for an hour of serious mathematical problem solving.

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Year 7 Bowling Trip

The maths department organized their annual bowling trip for the whole of year 7 towards the end of November this year.

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July 2016- Year 8 activities week- Team challenge competition

We've had another great competition-packed day with our keen mathematicians in year 8. Students worked in teams of four competing in 4 UKMT style team challenge rounds: group round, crossnumber, mini relay and running relay. The challenge finished with a practical round, where teams had to make the longest colour coded pi chain. There were lots of prizes for the best teams in each round and the overall winning team. It was great to see our young mathematicians enjoy the day. Thank you to all the sixthformers and staff who helped to make the day such a success.

IMAG1271IMAG1280 - Copy20160706_101105_resizedIMAG1263 - Copy20160706_101041_resized - CopyIMAG1286 - CopyIMAG1273_BURST002_COVER - Copy


Wnners of the year 8 maths day.




 July 2016- Year 9 activities week- Code-cracking day

Year 9 spent the day experiencing a range of coding and encryption methods used down through the ages; from Caesar Shifts (named after  Julius Caesar) through to the WW2 secrecy of Bletchley Park and the Enigma Code, culminating in the coding used to ensure the safety of modern day credit/debit cards.

 There was a competitive element to the day’s proceedings as the pupils worked in teams against each other across a range of encryption/decryption tasks. So congratulations are extended once again to the winners (Charlie Mair, Dylan Mogg, Callum Musselwhite and Fergus Rogers) and indeed to all who took part ensuring an enjoyable and informative day was had by all.


IMAG1249IMAG1248IMAG1237IMAG1226Year 9 activities week 2016IMAG1250




Winners of the year 9 day


2016 Intermediate UKMT Individual Challenge

Our best mathematicians from year 9 to 11 sat the UKMT Intermediate challenge with outstanding results. There were 13 gold, 25 silver and 42 bronze certificates.

Congratulations to the following students who achieved gold certificates

Year 11 James White, William Dean, Hal Mutton, Alistair Manclark, Menno Kramer

Year10 Linley Rich, Connor Smith, Jarvis Stevens, Samuel Dynes, George James

Year 9 Kazki Fairman, Timothy Attwell, Jonah Worledge

Follow on rounds

Year 9 students Timothy Attwell, Jonah Worledge, Toby Attwell together with Lydia Nottingham from Year7 scored high enough to make it to the follow-on Grey Kangaroo round. Timothy and Jonah achieved a merit in this extra round, well done!

Linley, Connor, Jarvis and Sam from year 10 and James, William, Hal and Alistair from Year 11 progressed to the next next Pink Kangaroo round. James and Hal achieved a merit in this round, well done!

Kazki Fairman, who had the highest score in year 9, did so well that he was invited to sit the extra challenging Cayley Olympiad, which required him to sit a 2 hour paper. He went on to achieve a merit in this highly selective competition. Well done!



2016 Junior UKMT Individual Challenge.


Another set of fantastic results from our growing talent in year 7 and 8 who perforemed brilliantly in their individual UKMT challenge. Overall, we have had 7 gold, 21 silver and 19 bronze certificates across the two year groups.

In year 8 the gold winners were Leon Munt, Pawel Lisowski, Hang Cao and Shiam Srikumar.

The gold certificates in year 7 were awarded to Lydia Nottingham, Louis Sotiri and Jessica Booth.

We are especially proud of Lydia, whose score was the highest in school and she was invited to take part in the Junior Maths Olympiad. Lydia achieved a merit in this follow-on round showing her brilliant mathematical skills! What an impressive achievement in year 7, well done!

Well done to all those who took part in this challenge.




3rd place in the regional final of UKMT team challenge-March 2016

Following on from the school round of the team challenge organised by Mrs. Atkins, the best team of four mathematicians travelled to Dover College to compete in the regional final against 14 other teams.

Kazki Fairman, Timothy Attwell (yr 9), Reginold Baskaran and Leon Munt (yr 8) practised for the competitions in lunchtime sessions and showed off their mathematical skills in four varied rounds. They gained almost full points in the group round, maths shuttle (mini relay) and cross number. They finished the competition with some fast running and problem solving in the maths relay. We were very pleased to achieve 3rd place overall and had a great day cracking difficult problems. Well done to the team!



Trip to Disneyland Paris

The annual year 10 Maths and MFL trip to Disneyland and Paris took place just before February half term.

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Maths Feast

Friday 4th March saw a group of 4 year 10 students travel to Canterbury to take part in a Maths Feast run by the Further Maths Support Network.

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January 2016 Year 7 Maths Enrichment

All of our year 7 students were treated to a series of outstanding maths/science sessions organised by Canterbury Christ Church University PGCE department as part of STEMNET. These sessions  included Sherlock trigonometry mystery, Star Wars treasure hunt ending in a top trumps battle and solving a dragon mystery. All students had a great time and left enthused about maths and science.  



December 2015- Senior Kangaroo.

The results are now in and Joe, Matthew, Amy and Sam achieved a qualification certificate. Joshua Attweel (year 11) did brilliantly again, achieving Merit Certificate, which is awarded to the best 25% of candidates taking part in this challenge nationally. Well done.


November 2015- UKMT Senior Challenge

Our sixthform mathematicians secured another excellent set of results in the UKMT Senior Challenge. They were joined on the day by our best 20 Year 11 mathematicians and one year 7 student. Altogether there were 8 gold, 21 silver and 47 bronze certificates. Well done to all who took part.

The best scores were achieved by:

Year 13: Joseph Wheelan, Ethan Perry and Susannah Grace

Year 12: Matthew Lacey, Sam Nicholson and Amy Clayton

Year 12: Joshua Attwell, Menno Kramer and Harrison Mogg-Walls

Joe, Matthew, Sam, Amy and Joshua did so well that they made it to the follow on Senior Kangaroo round taking place in December.

Year 7 Bowling Trip

In November the maths department took the whole of year 7 to Bugsy's in Cliftonville for an afternoon of bowling and data collection

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Just for Graphs

On Friday 4th Dec the Maths Department organised a trip to the Theatre Royal

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World Maths Day

This year World Maths Day was held on 14th October. All students were registered and the maths department organised prizes for the top 3 students in each category

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Maths in Motion Centre of Excellence

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School has been awarded a Challenge Centre of Excellence status for the Jaguar cars sponsored Maths in Motion competition.

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July 2015 Year 8 Maths Challenge day

Our year 8 mathematicians took part in a super maths challenge day. They worked in groups of four, helped by a sixthformer, working through a set of exciting mathematical challenges. The day started with a group round and cross number challenge, followed by mini-relay, where teams were put under time pressure.  Practically-minded teams were at an advantage during the pi chain competition and sporty mathematicians were given a chance to shine when racing in the relay round. The day was finished with making pi loom bands in the afternoon. There were lots of prizes for each round and our overall winners were announced in the afternoon.

Congratulations to the overall winners: Team LotraePI: Bethany Lloyd, Esabel Carter, Rosie Axon and Claire Meakins.

Here are some comments from our students and photos from the day:

I enjoyed all of today as all of the acitivites were imaginative and fun. Especially the loom bands. Hope it is as good next year!

Today was quite fun, some acitivities were really fun. Our 6th former, Hannah, was really nice and helped us.Some activities were quite brain-hurting, like some of the quizes.

I hated the loom bands, they kept breaking, but I liked the rest.

Today was marvellous and all of the people in my group enjoyed it.

It was utterly amazing! Love maths even more now.

I thought today was fun. I liked the quizes and the loombands, which was basically everything.

This day was jolly well marvellous, loved it tons. The loom bands were super fun!

Today, I enjoyed the relay activiity because it was fun.

I enjoyed the maths relay and paper chaings, also the pi bracelets.

I have liekd the maths day because it was challenging but quite fun as well.

I thought it was brilliant!

I liked the maths day as it was a fun day of learning but was challenging at times!!

Today was quite good and the sixth former was good. I liked today as it was new and showed fun side of maths.

The maths day was much better than I expected.





July 2015 Year 9 Cipher Challenge day

As part of the activities week, our year 9 students had a great day cracking mathematical codes and ciphers. They found out about transposition ciphers, Caesar shift ciphers, the importance of frequency analysis in code breaking and pig pen ciphers. They also worked with credit card and ISBN ciphers, followed a web quest about Alan Turing and had a go at cracking a code conundrum. Sporty mathematicians had an advantage in the grid relay and the fastest code crackers could improve their score by completing a challenging crossnumber puzzle. We all enjoyed watching The Imitation Game telling the story of Alan Turing; the great mathematician who helped to break the Enigma code during WWII. 

Our lovely sixthformers helped keeping the score during the day and there were lots of prizes to sweeten the end of the day for seven of the best teams. Thank you to everyone who helped to organise and run the day.   


The overall winning team: Oscar Keyworth, Matyas Pesci, Jamie Ford and Ralph Williams


Another one of the winning teams


Sixthform score keepers: James Weston, Hannah Musindi, Jacob Crook, Amy Jarvis, Rob Cook, Joseph Wheelan and Clifford Beak.


June 2015- UKMT Junior Kangaroo Results

Finally, the results are in and we are so proud to announce that Kazki Freeman (yr8) achieved a Merit in the Junior Kangaroo Competition. Both Rosie Axon (yr8) and Tom Piggott (yr7) achieved a ceritificate of qualification. Well done to all three students. 

(photos to follow) 

May 2015 UKMT Junior challenge results

It's wonderful to see that we have some brilliant talent growing in KS3. Our brightest mathematicians in year 7 and 8 achieved some outstanding results!

In total there were 9 gold, 17 silver and 24 bronze certificates across the two years.

The gold winners are (in order)

Year 8: Rosie Axon, Kazki Fairman, Callum Musselwhite, William Burgess, Timothy Attwell, Thomas Curtis 
Year 7 : Tom Piggott, Leon Munt, Ashwin Ganesaratnam.

Rosie, Kazki and Tom have been invited to take part in the follow on Kangaroo Olympiad round. We are especially impressed with Rosie, whose excellent score guarantees her the best in school certificate. Well done to all who took part in this challenge.

(photos to follow soon)

April 2014 UKMT Follow on rounds

The results are finally in and we are delighted to report that both Menno Kramer and Joshua Attwell received a MERIT for their competent performance in their Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad Hamilton paper.

Chris Norwood and Matthew Lacey receive a Merit for their performance in the Kangaroo round.

Well done to all who took part.


 Year 10 Olympiad certificate winners

Chris N 2

Chris (year 11)

March 27th 2015 Maths Inspiration Trip

The maths department took sixty year 10 and 12 mathematicians to the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury for the latest installment of Maths Inspiration lectures. We were treated to three fantastic talks hosted by the maths celebrity Matt Parker (worth looking up on youtube).

Bestselling maths author Rob Eastaway gave a talk on Pepsi, Penalties and Politics, where he showed us the importance of mathematics and game theory and what it can tell us about why peace, harmony and love are not quite as easy to achieve as some songs might suggest.

Channel 4 documentary presenter Hugh Hunt gave a lecture titled How Many Cows Does it Take to Win a War? In this WWI
100th anniversary talk, he took a mathematical look at the genius of the Zeppelin, and the remarkable story of how feeble British biplanes eventually managed to shoot the Zeppelins down.

Hal Mutton (year 10) managed to win the main prize for answering the Busting Myths in A level exams quiz. We are sure he is going to spend the £25 on popular maths books. Another highlight was to get Matt Parker's autograph on a calculator.

We had a brilliant day out discovering the role maths plays outside the classroom. Certainly, not just the maths teachers were left inspired by the day!



March 2014 UKMT Inermediate Challenge Results

Another fantastic set of results from our year 10 and 11 mathematicans in the UKMT individual chellenge. The top 40% of the selected students nationally receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate in the ratio 1:2:3.  Our talented mathematicians achieved 11 gold, 19 silver and 29 bronze certificates.

Congratulations to the students below who have achieved a gold certificate (you will have to do the ratio problem above to find their percentile nationally):

Year 10:  Joshua Attwell, Menno Kramer, Hal Mutton, Alastair Manclark, Oliver Benjamin

Year 11: Chris Norwood, Katie Knight, Amy Clayton, Matthew Lacey, Hansaka Seneviratne, Peter Clapham

Chris Norwood achieved the Best in Year award in year 11 and Joshua Attwell achieve Best in Year and Best in School awards.

The following students were invited to the follow on Mathematical Olympiad rounds:

Pink Kangaroo (a 1 hour multiple choice problem solving test) : Chris Norwood, Katie Knight, Amy Clayton, Matthew Lacey, Hansaka Seneviratne, Hal Mutton

Hamilton Paper (a 2 hour problem solving paper): Joshua Attwell and Menno Kramer.


12th March 2015- Another fantastic second place at UKMT team challenge

Another outstanding achievement from our year 8 and 9 mathematicians who came second in the Regional Final of the UKMT team challenge held at Dover College. Our team consisting of Nicole Lay, Alika Jenkins, Tim Attwell and Kazki Fairman did brilliantly at all of the rounds but a little error somewhere along the way cost them the first place we were all hoping for. This just proves what maths teachers say all along: every point counts! Nevertheless, it was such an exciting mathematical day for all of us and next year, surely, we will win! The team met regularly in the weeks before the competition and trained hard for the event and are now hoping that they will be picked as the runner up team for the national final in June.  


Prize presentation and our team hard at work.


4th March 2015- Year 10 Maths Feast in Canterbury

Two teams of four year 10 mathematicians  represented our school at the regional Maths Feast competition in Canterbury Academy. Maths Feast is an enjoyable and challenging team competition testing mathematical, team-working and communication skills. Each year the format of the competition changes slightly so that the rounds remain interesting and exciting. It is organised by the Further Maths Support Network and included 4 fun rounds of tasty mathematical meals (group round, origami round, four in a row and even learning new maths of set theory). 

A big well done to our teams for winning one of the rounds in the competition. We are very proud of you!


Left: Winners: Georgina Raye, Alistair Manclark, Emma Hudson, Johua Attwell

Right: Beatrice Lever, Hal Mutton, Menno Kramer, Isha Mandke


Columbus cubes: working hard on the origami round, one of the skills we may need to practise for in the future.

10/2/15-13/2/15 Maths in Disney

Just before half term we took a group of 120 students to Disneyland Paris for a joint maths and MFL trip. On their first night students enjoyed an evening at the Buffalo Bill Show. Wednesday was spent in Paris, where we were lucky enough to have a sunny but cold day exploring the famous sights in Paris, this included a Bateau Mouches boat trip along the Seine and a visit to the top of the Monparnasse Tower, not forgetting a chance to practise using our French at lunchtime in the shops and restaurants of the Montparnasse region.
Thursday and Friday were spent in Disneyland Paris enjoying a mixture of maths workshops and lectures and of course exploring the rides in the two Disney parks.
A fantastic time was had by all.



28/01/15 Year 7 Girls' Stemnet Day

Our year 7 girls got stuck in some exciting Stemnet activities as part of the national drive to encourage  girls into Science and Mathematics based careers. The activities were run by Canterbury Christ Church University College PGCE Students, training to become maths and science teachers. The girls thoroughly enjoyed two out of the following three sessions:

Mission impossible: Mathematical Mission to get into a volt and crack a safe

Pirate Adventure: Three different maths activities to earn materials to build a raft which would be able to float and carry lego pirate and cannon

Monsters Ink: Activities on ecology and natural selection using monsters as the organisms to compete for food.

An added bonus for us, the teachers, was to see two of our own ex students running the sessions. Miss Henrietta Dubbins and Miss Francesca Smith are both in the final stages of their PGCE course, training to become brilliant maths teachers. It was so lovely to have our home-grown talent back with us and we are sure that we will see our year 7 girls doing the same in 10 years' time! 


December 2014 -Senior UKMT Olympiad Results

Chris Norwood from year 11 and Andrew Kerrigan from year 13 have been selected for the follow on Kangaroo round, having scored highly in the Senior individual UKMT challenge.

Chris has achieved a MERIT with an impressive score of 65.

Andrew has achieved a certificate of participation.

Well done to both of our mathematicians for doing so well, especially to Chris who has competed against year 12 and 13 mathematicians in this round.


Andrew (year 13)


Mrs Sonnen and Mr Fergusson took a group of year 12 Further Mathematicians to the University of Kent Gulbenkian Cinema to see The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing. We enjoyed this wonderful and sad film which sheds light on the top secret code breaking work that went on at Bletchley Park during Worl War II. An excellent mathematical Sunday afternoon out! We are planning a trip to Bletchley Park next.  


21/11/14- Year 7  Bowling trip

The maths department took our year 7 boys and girls ten pin bowling. The pupils had a great time playing two games and collected data for their statistics project. They are summarising their data in tables and producing charts and graphs to explore whether there was an improvement from first game to the second. There was an overall winner on each day who will be presented with a bolwing related prize. The students' project posters will be displayed around the school and we will put some photos of the posters here too.



17/11/14-Excellent results in UKMT Senior Challenge

Our year 11,12 and 13 mathematicians achieved 3 Gold, 9 silver and 23 Bronze certificates in this year's UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. The best scores in each year and gold certificates were achieved by Chris Norwood (year 11), Lloyd Taylor (year 12) and Andrew Kerrigan (year 13).

Andrew and Chris have been invited to sit the follow on Senior Kangaroo challenge on 28th November.

The following students achieved silver Certificates:

Year 13: Charlotte Crabb, Shadi Abushams, Karmen Murphy and Darren Castro

Year 12:David Whatley, Joseph Shelley, Steven Jones, Callum Elliott, Harry Pennington

Well done to all of you!

12/11/14 Regional Finals of Senior Team Maths Challenge

Our fantastic team of sixth form further mathematicians went to Simon Langton Grammar School to participate in the regional finals of the UK Mathematics Trusts Senior Team Challenge. Charlotte Crabb, the team captain, said that the team performed very well together and enjoyed a variety of mathematical tasks which encouraged them to think outside the school syllabus, not to mention the complimentary cake. The other three students were Alice Quaife, Joshua Yeoman and Callum Elliott.




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