Mann Somerville

Head of House: Mr D. De Paolis

Form Tutors

10MSB: S Walters
10MSG: A Jarvis
11MSB: C Bowrage
11MSG: S Sonnen / K Parkins

House Captains 2019-2020

House Captain - Lloyd Darvell
Vice Captain - Gemma Cathcart
(Girls Sport)
Vice Captain - Callum O’Connor
(Boys’ Sport)
Vice Captain - Sam Gerlack
(Music & Drama)

Each year, every form is encouraged to pick candidates from the class to become a form captain, sports captain, and a school council representative. These people will take on the responsibilities of certain activities involving the forms. (E.g. assemblies, attending meetings and helping).


Year 10 Boys

Year 10 Girls

Year 11 Boys

Year 11 Girls

Form Captain

Ayo Adeneye

Christina Hodge

Jason Russell Penny O’Halloran
Vice Form Captain John Reid Katie Collins Will Kennelly Sophia Richardson

Sport Captain

Rhys Brown

Grace Jackman Al Rossi Gabby Rothman
School Council

Griff Calnan

Chelsea Edwards James Mullin Tegan Burt-Davies
Charities & Music Seb Hodge Iris Chapman Bolu Lekan JoJo Tonjes-Dugue


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