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Year 7-9

Year 7 – 9


What does it consist of?

During Year 7, 8 & 9 PE is taught in their form classes for one hour a week, where students have the opportunity to work with others of mixed ability. Within these years, all students are taught the same programme which involves being taught a variety of different sports in order to engage the students both physically and mentally.


What is taught?

Over these years within their PE lessons the students will be taught a wide spread of sports including Hockey, Football, Rugby, Dodgeball, Gymnastics and many more.

This will begin with covering the basics of the sports in Year 7 as the students look to gain an understanding of different sports along with the enjoyment of playing them. Such as in Year 7 hockey the objectives will be teach the students the basic rules and skills along with small sided games.

These lessons then look to become more adept in relation to the progress of the students as they expand their knowledge and skills of these sports. Such as in Year 8 and 9 the aims will be to look to further develop the basics they have learnt, become tactically more aware and move into full sided games.


Games Lessons:

Within the games lessons in these years, the students will have chances to represent their house in either their main squad or if not selected for this, they will be able to play in the effort cup where points are still awarded but in a less competitive environment. This is a great opportunity for the students to play alongside their house in team based sports and compete against other houses no matter the skill level of the individual. With the students having the chance to play all of these sports weekly it opens up the chance to move forward and represent the school, with lunchtime and afterschool training available for every year group, then matches against other schools.