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OCR National Sport Level 3


OCR National Sport Level 3

The department has been offering a new vocational pathway known as the OCR National Sport Level 3 since 2013. This has become a very popular coursework alternative to the examination route and has proved to benefit a wider range of students by running the two course alongside one another.


The course offers students keen on sport an alternative to the examination based A-levels. The course covers a wide range of theoretical concepts which students are taught as well as expected to research in order to complete assignments. Students who struggle with exams should consider this course as an excellent alternative which covers all the main areas the normal A-level route covers but with a 100% coursework assessment as opposed to an examination and practical application assessment.


With this course it is dependent on how many units a student completes to determine how many A-level equivalents they will receive. Completing 7 units equates to a single A-level, 10 units to 1 ⅟2 A-levels and finally 13 units which is the same as 2 A-levels which is completed by the majority of the students. Within the units taught by the department it covers a wide scale of the different segments of sport, from the anatomy and physiology to coaching.



The units taught by the department are listed below:

Unit 1: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport

Unit 2: Sports Coaching

Unit 3: Current Issues in Sport

Unit 4: The Physiology of Fitness

Unit 5: Sports Nutrition

Unit 6: Psychology for Sports Performance

Unit 7: Practical Team Sports

Unit 11: Practical Individual Sports

Unit 14: Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise

Unit 15: Sports Injuries

Unit 21: The Athletes Lifestyle 

Unit 23: Fitness training and Programming

Unit 25: Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise



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