• science 3


At key stage 3 we work through the ‘Science works’ Framework. This is the only KS3 course that has Assessing Pupil's Progress (APP) fully integrated throughout the resources. It fully covers How Science Works and supports personalised learning and Assessment for Learning (AfL).

At Key Stage 4 students are following the AQA Science Courses. The current Year 9 and 10 students will be working towards the Triple Award in Science. In Year 11 the majority of our scientists will be entered for the triple award; the remainder will be entered for the Additional Science or Applied Science award.

We have a strong tradition of A-Level teaching in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Sport Science. More recently Applied Science and Human Biology have been added. Science is seen as a strength in the Federation and as a result more than 150 students who are highly motivated and receptive, select it at A-level with many continuing to pursue this at University.